Second Opinion Tax Returns

2nd Opinion for Individuals

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One of the smartest men of the last century, Albert Einstein, stated the income tax code is the hardest thing to understand in the world. There are a mind-boggling 5.5 million words in the tax code. At 16,845 pages, it’s impossible for the average taxpayer to know, understand and accurately apply its provisions.

With over 80 percent of tax returns containing errors, odds are you may have errors on your tax return. The IRS isn’t required by law to tell you, so if you don’t find the mistakes and request a refund within three years, the IRS wins. And you lose. The good news is there is something you can do about it!

Our team of CPAs and tax professionals will conduct a comprehensive review of your prior-year tax return. If we identify errors, we will re-file the return for you, and you keep 100 percent of any refund money found.

According to The Wall Street Journal, millions of Americans are routinely failing to take deductions they’re entitled to, thus overpaying their taxes by billions of dollars collectively. Our team of CPA's and tax experts will present you with a personalized Tax Reduction Report with concrete steps to capitalize on missed savings as well as suggestions to lower your future tax bills. We pride ourselves on helping you build a solid foundation of tax reduction strategies and minimizing your future tax burden.

Ask yourself these crucial questions …

  • Who’s preparing my income taxes?
  • What is my overall tax plan?
  • Should I make changes?
  • How do I know what changes to make?
  • Who is going to help me with all of this?

2nd Opinion for Businesses

We also offer 2nd Opinion tax review services to businesses. According to the Senate Small Business Committee, 93% of small businesses who pay alternative minimum tax overpay their income taxes in excess of $11,600! Our team of CPAs will review your business returns for errors, missed deductions, and additional refund money.

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