The Economic Winter

New York Times Best-Selling Author and Economic Expert Harry S. Dent Jr. has been traveling the globe lecturing on his research and sounding the bell for what Harry calls "The Economic Winter." 

In the late 1980's Dent developed a new way of understanding the economy and forecasting what lies ahead. In his 1993 book, The Great Boom Ahead, he accurately forecast the unanticipated "Boom" of the 1990's and even called for the next great depression to start in 2008.

According to Dent's reasearch we have entered the prolonged economic winter season which he describes as "the greatest financial crisis of your lifetime." 

In nature, animals must prpare and alter their behavior if they have any hope of surviving the winter season. The same holds true for your retirement savings and investments. Like the animal kingdom, there are certain "behaviors" that are successful during the spring, summer and fall seasons that are ill advised during the winter season. 

Do not let your investments be unprepared for "The Economic Winter." Let my team of experts "winterize" your portfolio for the best possible chance of emerging from "The Economic Winter." Schedule a private, complimentary analysis and receive your own copy of Harry Dent's "The Economic Winter" - also with my compliments.

  • "We're here to wake you up to the greatest financial crisis of your lifetime and to get you onto our lifeboat to save your family and business from financial ruin before it's too late! The Economic Winter Season has arrived, and it brings with it great challenges and great opprotunities. Once individuals, investors, politicians, and bankers let go of yesterday and instead focus on what is possible today, they can begin rebuilding"      - Harry S. Dent Jr.

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