Summit Series - Covered Call, Gradient 50, Precious Metals & Global Tactical

Covered Call

The Covered Call Portfolio uses ETFs as the underlying investment vehicle. The allocation is unique in that the ETFs used are approximately 60 percent growth, 20 percent bond and 20 percent inverse to the stock market. We then actively manage a monthly covered call strategy on the underlying ETFs to generate additional cash flow and reduce investment risk. 

The Covered Call Portfolio compliments an existing fixed income strategy while focusing on conservative risk adjusted returns. The inverse position provides a natural hedge against the market’s movements and, therefore, reduces overall risk and provides downside protection. 
The Covered Call Portfolio is an ideal solution for the client looking for an income-producing portfolio with upside potential and downside protection. 

Gradient 50

The Gradient 50 Managed Stock Portfolio holds approximately 50 high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. Our selection of the 50 high-quality, dividend-paying stocks in each portfolio is based on proven statistical models. 

First, we take the universe of stocks and identify the companies with the highest upward revisions to earnings over multiple time periods. We then select healthy companies whose stocks pay an above-market dividend yield. 
This is a powerful combination because we are fundamentally discovering strong companies whose future earnings per share are expected to keep growing.

Precious Metals

Global Tactical

The Global Tactical Portfolio is an actively managed asset allocation portfolio, owning a range of investments from any sector or asset class, and is driven by our macro view of the market. With a focus on absolute return, the portfolio seeks out the most attrac­tive opportunities that will achieve positive returns over time with less volatility than more traditional portfolios.

The Global Tactical Portfolio is a powerful solution for the client looking for experienced investment professionals us­ing their collective research and market knowledge to navigate the turbulent mar­kets. The portfolio allocation is constantly evaluated based on 5 key factors: intrinsic values, market sentiment, current trends, supply and demand, and interest rates. Our quantitative method determines how much to shift appropriately to stocks, bonds, alternative invest­ments, inverse positions, and other securities. Work­ing within a pre-defined framework (maximum equity exposure 80% and minimum exposure 20%), this propri­etary portfolio holds our best investment ideas to create a well-diversified portfolio.

No Load Variable Annuity

Managing investments through a low cost (no surrender fee) Variable Annuity provides several advantages over traditional VAs and taxable investment accounts. A no load VA allows your savings to grow without eroding returns from potentially high internal fees, surrender charges, and all capital gains tax. Because returns are compounding tax deferred, your assets can accumulate more quickly than in a taxable account. 

The elimination of transaction costs and taxable gains from trading allows Gradient Investments to manage the assets without constraints, allowing for a more active 
management style. This creates an ideal platform for our actively managed Global Tactical Portfolio. The Global Tactical Portfolio’s ac­tive allocation strategy and focus on absolute return is ideal for the mid to long term investor looking for tax-deferred wealth accumulation.

Employer Sponsored Plans

Gradient’s Employer Sponsored Plan offers participants premier investment opportunities packaged in an easy to implement format.
Our open architecture platform allows us to select the best funds and ETFs managed by leading fund managers. Our participants will not be captive to any fund family and will have choices from Vanguard, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and many others.

Plan participants will have the option to build their own portfolio or choose a Gradient-managed portfolio based on desired risk tolerance.

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