Portfolio Pilot - Morningstar

The Portfolio Pilot has been designed to assist you in ascertaining the viability of your retirement goals. The Pilot is based on the information you provide with regard to your current investment portfolio and is directly dependent on the quality and accuracy of the data furnished. The Pilot assesses your risk/reward ratio within your current investment portfolio by using third party data. It is intended to provide broad hypothetical guidelines and information about financial products and services available which may be helpful in making decisions that may help meet your needs and objectives.

Navigating through retirement is like a process of flying in inclement weather. Charting a retirement flight plan with the Portfolio Pilot can enable you to avoid turbulence by plotting your desired flight plan assessing the greatest return for the least amount of risk.

Charting your desired flight plan with the Portfolio Pilot is a process of analyzing your current investment portfolio and your desired unique risk tolerance. This process can provide insulation from an undesirable risk ratio during a bear market. The following pages contained within this report provide your current portfolios risk/reward ratio relative to the risk/reward ratio within the selected Gradient Investments portfolio.

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