Our final axis in the control system actively manages investment performance. Investment performance is defined as the return on a portfolio taking into account the risk associated with that portfolio. It is essential that the level of risk is actively managed and monitored to help ensure you are receiving the proper reward for the amount of risk taken.

At Gradient, we measure investment performance against your goals and objectives. Our disciplined investment approach is shaped by a long-term investment focus, thorough due diligence, and a belief that broad diversification across and within asset classes is essential for long-term success. Our portfolios are designed to yield higher annual returns and less volatility relative to their respective benchmarks. Our Investment Performance Axis uses calculated charting, sophisticated performance reporting, and our proprietary investment tools, Portfolio Pilot and the Navigator. These invaluable tools allow you the opportunity to visualize the relationship between risk (standard deviation) and reward (return). Our detailed Portfolio Pilot report provides an analysis of your current portfolio along with a comparison of a proposed investment portfolio that is aligned with your desired risk/reward profile and overall investment goals.

Gradient's sophisticated Navigator reporting system monitors the execution of your "financial flight plan". This real-time, web-based account management tool allows you to view your account activity, investment values, up-to-date portfolio performance and statements at your convenience. The Navigator allows you to observe the precise execution of your Wright Investment Strategy.

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