Endowment Series

The most successful investors are not who you think they are! If you ask people who the most successful investors are, you get responses like Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway; John Neff, for­merly of Vanguard’s Windsor Fund; or George Soros, the famous hedge fund opera­tor.

However, some of the most successful investors from a risk/reward perspec­tive are the large university endowment funds. This group includes universities with endowments larger than $1 billion such as Yale Univer­sity and Harvard University.

Large endowment funds have consistently beat the mar­ket on a risk-adjusted basis. These funds diversify away from traditional asset classes, like stocks and bonds, by investing in lesser known as­set classes, such as currency, private equity, commodities, and absolute return strate­gies. These lesser known asset classes have the capa­bility to deliver profits over a business cycle. The same opportunities are now avail­able to individual investors via low-cost, publicly-traded ETFs within our Endowment Series.

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