John J. Heck - Chief Investment Advisor, Adagio Capital Advisors

John J. Heck has been helping individuals, families and businesses acquire, protect and transfer wealth since 1990. Mr. Heck is the President and Founder of Adagio Financial Group, Inc. and Adagio Capital Advisors, Inc., an Independent Registered Investment Advisor.

Throughout his career, John has managed successful agencies and financial services organizations throughout Florida and in Northbrook, IL. He has been invited to participate in many conferences by a number of highly rated insurance companies.

John has received multiple awards for Outstanding Service and Exceptional Achievement. He is a published author of a successful ebook, a weekly newsletter, several articles in local print and online media and has been quoted in national trade publications.

John grew up in Glendale, NY. He moved to Florida after college to be near his family. He now lives in Fort Myers, FL with his wife Gina and their son’s Jonathan & Julian.

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